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    About Neutech

    Neutech builds software, platforms, apps, websites and much more. You name it, we build it. We are the perfect hybrid of an in-house employee, an agency, and a freelancer with the guarantee of working with only senior developers that have spent at least 5 years training in our Neutech Academy.


    We give you the reliability and commitment of a full-time hire, the volume of an agency, and the budget flexibility of a freelancer. Contracts are month-to-month, allowing you to scale your team up or down with a 30-day notice. If a Neutech engineer isn’t the perfect fit, we swap them out on our dime!


    Real Life Example: Your company has a need for a full-time frontend developer one month, a backend developer the next month, and a combination of both the third. You can easily plug and play development resources to match your teams schedule and budget.

    Partners, Clients, Friends


    What kind of opportunities can I refer?

    Neutech would be happy to speak with anyone in your network who could benefit from our services.

    Some good referral opportunities are:

    - Start-ups at any stage who need help building out their engineering teams.
    - Established business who are having trouble backfilling roles.
    - Your friend who needs help building out a website for a passion project.
    - Companies who are creating a new feature or prodcut on an existing platform.
    - All referrals are welcome as long as they are not already a client, or if we are already in prospective conversations with them.

    How will I get paid?

    Commissions are paid monthly after receipt of payment from the client Your payments will process to the payment method of your choice (venmo, paypal, zelle, ACH, etc).

    Is there a cost to join?

    No, it is 100% free to join and participate in our referral program.

    What are Neutech’s areas of expertise?

    AI/Machine Learning, Custom Software Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure & Devops, Software Testing & QA, Mobile & Web Development, Blockchain, Data Science, UI/UX Design, E Commerce, Cybersecurity, and many many more.

    How do you track the referrals I make?

    Every Referral Partner will be assigned to a Neutech employee who's sole job is to track refferals and keep our partners updated on the status of their referrals. If you ever have any questions about a referral, you can just email your dedicated team member.

    What is your commission structure?

    If you successfully refer a client that signs on with us you will get $1,000 for the referral of the first developer and $500 for every additonal developer. So, if you refer a client that needs 5 developers/designers, that's $3,000 in your pocket ($1,000 for the first, $500 each for the additional four).

    Still have questions?

    Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we will quickly get you an answer.

    join the program

    leverage your network to earn commissions

    join the program