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Every contract is month-to-month, allowing you to scale up (as large as needed) or down (including stopping service altogether) with a 30-day notice. If an engineer is not a good fit, they are swapped out in real-time with a new developer onboarded on Neutech’s dime.

There is full flexibility to retain any combination of proficiencies needed, to be able to stay within a budgeted development resource allocation or ever-changing company runway.

For example: Your company has a need for a full-time frontend developer one month, a backend developer the next month, and a combination of both the third. You are able to plug and play development resources with ease.

Senior Level Quality

We have developed a streamlined ongoing pipeline for identifying talented software engineers and training them in our system to senior-level proficiency. When ready, we embed them into growing startups that are needing to scale. Each developer, while integrated with a project, has full-time access to expert-level engineering support (mostly university professors), and product management support to always ensure performance, quality, and speed.

The Intangibles

We have worked with engineers all over the world and every culture has its own unique way of working. We believe that many fail to work with talent in other countries due to a mismatch in expectations & work style, a barrier of communication, and oftentimes ability.

We prioritize these intangibles. We hire developers not for their programming skills, but for their work ethic, their macro product awareness, their communication ability (both in terms of fluent English proficiency and forward-thinking problem-solving ability), and their leadership. It is much easier to train a developer to senior-level proficiency with these intangibles than to hire a skilled programmer without them.

At Neutech, we believe that great programmers are not necessarily great engineers. We believe in the intangibles – hard work, reliability, communication, commitment, teamwork, and an active all-encompassing product-centric thought. By our standards, we have great engineers who happen to also be great programmers.

Plug and Play

Many of our clients want reliable, committed, and quality developers as soon as possible, but also want financial flexibility to grow or shrink their team based on runway or need. Neutech aims to serve the best of all worlds, where you receive staff quickly, on a month-to-month, plug-and-play basis, with the ability to scale up or down at any time with a 30-day notice. You get the intangibles of an in-house hire and the flexibility of an agency/freelancer.

For example: A company has a need for a full-time frontend developer one month, a backend developer the next month, and a combination of both the third. They are able to plug and play development resources with ease.


You never need to feel vulnerable with someone leaving ever again. We will NEVER pull a developer away from you and we have a very high employee retention rate. Nevertheless, we would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. We also try to have replacement developers ready to sub in, in case a developer gets sick, leaves the company, or does not live up to the standards we expect. In any of these situations, knowledge transfer is completely covered by us.

We are Family

At Neutech, we epitomize the idea and ethos of being a family. We truly care about each other. At our offices, we have barbecues (asados) every week, games, socials, and parties. We don’t just see each other at work, we socialize outside of the office too because we genuinely love being around each other.

There is something unique about our dynamic. We are good people who care about each other, which usually translates and is brought into the culture and environments we work in. We all help each other improve, have each other’s backs, and bring a sense of energy and camaraderie to each product we work on. Our retention is high and we constantly look to grow our family.

Our company has offices in 6 countries with over 100 employees! Our offices are based in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, and Philadelphia USA; Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kyiv, Ukraine; Mexico City, Mexico; and San Paulo, Brazil.


why us?


Asher Weiss

CEO Tixologi, Inc.

I can’t even think about the money and time spent (wasted) trying to build our product before finding Neutech. Even as a small business, Jared & team have taken significant time to understand our business, our goals, and even our constraints.  With their dedicated and bespoke approach, we’ve accomplished more in the last 8 weeks than we have in the last year.  I’ve now got transparency and a team I know I can really trust. A founder’s dream.

Jesse Link

CEO, Rella

Finding Jared and his team was our first big win as a company. Neutech is not just another “dev agency”. Jared has a unique way of giving space to a founder’s thoughts and ideas to bring them to life efficiently and with intention. He empowered us by letting us lead the way for the build of our MVP, while offering critical guiding questions throughout the process. He’s professional, attentive, and willing to do whatever it takes to solve a problem. The Neutech team took us from idea to fully-functioning MVP with hundreds of users. The team feels like an extension of our own, and we are honored to be building our product together with Neutech.

Alissa McDonald


Neutech really came through for us when we needed them most! They successfully delivered our end goal and were excellent at helping us adapt, navigate, and overcome unforeseen obstacles, that are a natural part of the development cycle. A strong emphasis on collaboration and empathy makes the experience both deliberative and enjoyable.

Jason Taylor

Founder 950 App, 950 Systems AG

I have worked as Associate Director of Digital Marketing for a Marketing Agency, and moved to a position as Director of Digital Marketing for a larger organization, overseeing over 20 websites and a vast web of digital assets. I have taken Neutech with me wherever I go. Jared Neutel, the CEO, is an honest, reliable, transparent partner and his team reflects his honesty in business. Their designers are excellent, the developers are top-notch, and the team works quickly and at an affordable rate. I would recommend Neutech to anyone with nearly any type of digital needs.

Tamar Goldman-Sachs

Director of Digital Marketing

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React Development
Rails Development
Python Development
GoLang Development
React Native Development
WordPress Development
Unity Development (Limited Availability)
Solidity (Limited Availability)
Node.js Development
Shopify Development
Angular Development
Next.js Development
Vue.js Development
Unreal Engine Development (Limited Availability)
Unity Development (Limited Availability)


Step 1

Schedule a free consultation with Neutech, where we can learn about your company setup, your needs, and work with you to identify how we can best add value.

Step 2

Once we mutually determine your needs, Neutech will supply you with a few candidate designers and developers to plug into your team.

Step 3

Once we are onboarded into your team, we schedule regular management calls to make sure that we can continue to implement and reinforce your roadmap and sync over our continued performance.